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Iceland Tales: Day 1

Iceland Tales

This will mostly be a tale of all the in between moments of my trip to Iceland. The finished images can be seen here. This was a trip of long time friends two Kevin's and two Jared's and their one week in the surreal landscape of Iceland.

Day 1

Arrival at Keflavík International airport. We arrived dazed and confused the combination of time change from Halifax to Iceland and the overnight flight left us all pretty zombified.

 The bus from the tarmac to the KEF Terminal

The bus from the tarmac to the KEF Terminal


Iceland's discount supermarkets are going to be your new best friend. I would recommend Bónus, They win with the best prices, but also with the best logo for a store ever!

Also a good time to find my new favourite chip flavour, some "Cool American"

Overall today was not about taking pictures but shambling from one point to the next to find food and places to rest and see some sights.

Unfortunately the few buildings I wanted to take photos of had construction going on around them, that combined with extreme exhaustion led to us collapsing in a park for a few hours. 


After getting our luggage and boarding the Flybus plane to take us to Reykjavík we tried to get some more sleep on the bus but 5 am sunlight was a bit too much for me.

The ride in was pretty seamless, the only problem is we couldn't check into our hostel for the night until 3pm.

After dropping off our luggage we decide to find ourselves some breakfast in the city and wander around like the walking dead until we could collapse in our rooms.

We made our way to Sandholt Bakarí soon as you walk in you'll see tasty baked goods as far as the eye can see. A very rustic place and reminded of something you'd find in Halifax's North End.

Your first meal in Iceland is when you are going to realize just how expensive food is. Just don't complain about it, no one wants to hear about it.



Not sure if its something the locals are cool with but someone else was already doing it so we figured it must okay. I found a nice spot of shade to protect my delicate Irish complexion... what I didn't account for is how fast the sun would move, and thats how I turned into a crispy-critter on my first day.

Finally check-in time came so we made our way back to our hostel for some more naps and snacks. After awhile we decided to venture out for what the internet told us was a great place for a burger and a beer.


Vitabar is nothing fancy type of pub. I had the "forget-me-not" burger which was smothered in blue cheese it was truly fantastic. Also paprika mixed with salt for topping the fries is one of my new favourite things.

Our bellies full we decided to turn in for the night and get ready for tomorrow and quickly pass out for the night.